The project

So like four months ago I was talking to my former friend and now permanent dickwad Dru Johnston about how great of an idea it would be for me and him to make a blog together where we make a brand new blog every day for a year.  Like… what a fucking rad idea that would be.  And he was all like: “Sure we should totally did that” and then he like sat down and just started it.  I was really excited because we were going to do it together but he was all like “blah blah blah my name is Dru and I’m just a big fucking dick and I don’t want to work with you anymore Andy… boy oh boy do I smell bad!”

Zinged him.

But F-that.  We are a team.  A Comedy team and he has no right to throw me away like yesterday’s garbage.

So to retaliate, starting August 1st I am going to create one brand new blog every day for a year about how badly Dru sucks.

That’ll show him.  Fuck that guy.


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