The Rules

While I make this ORIGINAL year of the blog I will have to follow these rules:

  • 1. Everyday I have to make a blog about how crappy Dru is.
  • 2. The project begins on August 1st, 2009.
  • 3. There are going to be links on this blog to the other blogs.
  • 4. If I miss a day, honestly fuck that.  I’m not going to put this kind of pressure on myself.  I don’t have to compensate for anything like Dru does. If there’s no blog there’s no blog. Eat me.
  • 5. A blog can be forgotten or skipped in lieu of me either egging Dru’s house or destroying parts of his social life.
  • 6. If I decide that this project is a waste of my time, I’m going to stop it… because it’s really dumb to give yourself really dumb goals and then do them just because you gave yourself these goals.
  • 7. Dru sucks.
  • 8. Dru sucks.
  • 9. Dru wishes he were me.
  • 10. One time I saw Dru crying because he couldn’t make a blog… a BLOG! Loser.

Those are the rules.  This was so my idea.


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