8/1/2009 – Cool things vs. Sucky Things Dru Thought Of

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Blog #1: Cool things vs. Sucky Things Dru Thought Of

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In my first blog I’m going to show the world how exactly Dru sucks by comparing shitty ideas he had to really cool things that actually exist.


Who am I?

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My name is Andy Jones. Dru Johnston sucks balls.

My name is Andy Jones. Dru Johnston sucks balls.

Yo.  What’s up.  My name is Andy Jones and this is a blog idea I had first and was going to make until a certain EX-friend decided that he was going to steal it from me.  Everyday I’m going to make a blog for a year and then I’m going to have a lot of blogs.  That’s the extent of my project.  But fuck it I came up with this idea and Dru Johnston is a royal dick for doing it before I did.  Any and all compliments/feedback/publicity he gets should share billing with me.


Why August 1st?

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Why would I start a project like this on August 1st? That’s not the beginning of the year! Surely you should start writing this blog at a better time than August 1st!

Dru started his on April 12th. That doesn’t make any fucking sense.  As soon as you explain to me why in God’s name he started on such a random day I’ll take you shit.  Until then, I’m starting it when I think is necessary.

The Year of the Blog is the dumbest thing in the world.  But only when Dru does it.  When Andy, me, does it it goes down smooth.

The Rules

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While I make this ORIGINAL year of the blog I will have to follow these rules:

  • 1. Everyday I have to make a blog about how crappy Dru is.
  • 2. The project begins on August 1st, 2009.
  • 3. There are going to be links on this blog to the other blogs.
  • 4. If I miss a day, honestly fuck that.  I’m not going to put this kind of pressure on myself.  I don’t have to compensate for anything like Dru does. If there’s no blog there’s no blog. Eat me.
  • 5. A blog can be forgotten or skipped in lieu of me either egging Dru’s house or destroying parts of his social life.
  • 6. If I decide that this project is a waste of my time, I’m going to stop it… because it’s really dumb to give yourself really dumb goals and then do them just because you gave yourself these goals.
  • 7. Dru sucks.
  • 8. Dru sucks.
  • 9. Dru wishes he were me.
  • 10. One time I saw Dru crying because he couldn’t make a blog… a BLOG! Loser.

Those are the rules.  This was so my idea.

The project

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So like four months ago I was talking to my former friend and now permanent dickwad Dru Johnston about how great of an idea it would be for me and him to make a blog together where we make a brand new blog every day for a year.  Like… what a fucking rad idea that would be.  And he was all like: “Sure we should totally did that” and then he like sat down and just started it.  I was really excited because we were going to do it together but he was all like “blah blah blah my name is Dru and I’m just a big fucking dick and I don’t want to work with you anymore Andy… boy oh boy do I smell bad!”

Zinged him.

But F-that.  We are a team.  A Comedy team and he has no right to throw me away like yesterday’s garbage.

So to retaliate, starting August 1st I am going to create one brand new blog every day for a year about how badly Dru sucks.

That’ll show him.  Fuck that guy.